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I love this. 

This is part of why I loved Veronica Mars, and I love to see her actress celebrating it.

I see a lot of criticism of wit, particularly the wit of women—in writing, acting and comedienne-ing. For one thing, comedy is just seen as less deeeeeep and important and needful-of-talent than tragedy. Which is a clever PR job by some dudes who had no sense of humour way back when. (Turns out that thing we can’t do is dumb! Suuuure, whatever you say.) For another, a woman’s wit is much more likely to be described as not funny and rubbish.

(Critic: Has it ever occurred to you that *you* are rubbish?

Sarah: No, never, I’m too amazing, I am the only human being in this world who has ever existed completely free of self-doubt.

Sarah: … Yes of course it’s occurred to me that I am rubbish. But it’s never occurred to me that *all* women are rubbish.)

People bring up realism as an argument against free-flowing wit in a story: and I do agree that a character is more likely to whip out a witty retort than a real person, because writing is consciously crafted and people can go back and make conversations better and more fun. I also agree that a character is less likely to go to the bathroom than a real person, but I see very few readers clamouring for more pooping scenes.

But *how* unrealistic is it to say that real people aren’t very funny? I do talk like I write (allowing for obvious differences in content and due to characters). My characters joke around like me and my friends do, and like me and my friends always did. My BFF can retort in a trillion languages and half the people I know were on debate teams. Some people are word Jedis with word light sabers. (Some people, like the person who wrote that previous sentence, are nerds.)

Sure, some people are inarticulate. Sure, we all have inarticulate times. Definitely, each character in a book/show/movie should have different humour. (Veronica Mars is an amazing example of people having different humour, actually—Veronica, Logan, Mac, Weevil, Dick Casablancas, Keith and Wallace, to name but a few, all had very different ways of joking around: and the way their humour overlapped showed the ways in which they were similar and how they fit together or didn’t.)

Humour is like language, to me—you find people who speak yours, and have great conversations and teach each other new ways of playing around with words. You can learn someone else’s humour, and that helps you understand them better.

I see humour is an essential part of writing.

It’s tricky to pull off, of course, as people resist the idea of women as witty, and decide witty women are unattractive:

In one study, participants were asked to rank the humor in various cartoon captions. Half of the captions had been written by men, and half by women. When not told who wrote what, the participants judged them almost equally funny. In fact, based on the scores given in this experiment, men are just 2.2 percent more likely to be funny than women. Yet 90 percent of the participants agreed with the stereotype that men are funnier. Talk about a mind-bogglingly huge difference in perception versus reality.

Read more:

More than half the men who took part in the survey revealed that a witty woman was not what they were looking for in a partner.

That’s why people resist funny writing in books or movies or TV shows (especially when said joking is done by women): they don’t believe in it, not because it isn’t true, but because they’ve been trained to believe a lie.

Even though comedy is considered less smart than tragedy, wit is still associated with intelligence.

Teenagers, girls especially, are meant to be dumb. And they’re not at all. They’re trained to hide how smart and funny they are—and they shouldn’t be.

So I loved seeing a girl who was whip-smart and always whipping out the repartee—seeing her blaze, unashamed, and be adored, who could inspire and entertain. And I wanted to write characters who did that, too.

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Addicted to Neptune — A Veronica Mars movie fanmix (listen)
"Shame and Fortune" Yeah Yeah Yeahs | "All In White" The Vaccines | "It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy" Passion Pit | "Chicago" Sufjan Stevens* | "Crystal Ball (Dave Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)" Kyle Andrews* | "When I Get Older" Wild Party | "Y.A.L.A." M.I.A. | "Home By Now" Bombay Bicycle Club | "I Still Want You" Ivy | "Disarm" The Mynabirds | "Prosthetic Love" Typhoon* | "Lullaby" Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
*Songs in the movie. Spoilers/lyrics, etc. here


Addicted to Neptune — A Veronica Mars movie fanmix (listen)

"Shame and Fortune" Yeah Yeah Yeahs | "All In White" The Vaccines | "It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy" Passion Pit | "Chicago" Sufjan Stevens* | "Crystal Ball (Dave Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)" Kyle Andrews* | "When I Get Older" Wild Party | "Y.A.L.A." M.I.A. | "Home By Now" Bombay Bicycle Club | "I Still Want You" Ivy | "Disarm" The Mynabirds | "Prosthetic Love" Typhoon* | "Lullaby" Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

*Songs in the movie. Spoilers/lyrics, etc. here

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what a time to be alive


lol i see so many posts that have the same basic idea as OP’s (swap out Hannibal for any other canon) it’s just like… guys. the shows (or movies or games or books) you want EXIST. they totally exist. they often just don’t have huge fanbases because idk apparently people are averse to googling for more than 5 seconds or taking chances on fandoms that currently don’t have an in-built, wildly talkative fan following.

not to mention the plethora of woman-prioritizing shows i’ve seen- some of which feature WoC- that get dismissed for flimsy “SJ” reasons

it gets to be like… god, if you want to participate in shows with a lot of tumblr buzz all the more power to you. but a lot of those shows are dude-centric and you know this. you know this every week you go in. the things you want are in existence out there. hell, every so often the shows you want get masterposts that gets reblogged like wildfire, everyone acts all excited and swears to watch… and then the next day nothing. it’s time to go back to dr who/supernatural/teen wolf/WHATEVER.

just… representation matters (and i’d give so much to see more PoC/LGBT/disabled/female representation in the most mainstream of mainstream media), but there’s not as much of a drought as you think there is. your progressive darling of the moment is not the only thing of its kind. it might be the most buzzworthy at the moment but it’s not the only thing, and the reason it’s not buzzworthy is because people aren’t willing to take chances and put their money (or views or gifs or WHATEVER) where their mouths are.

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"Dad always said this town could wreck a person. It’s what happens when you’re playing a rigged game. I convinced myself ‘winning’ meant getting out but in what world do you get to leave the ring and declare victory? This is where I belong, in the fight. It’s who I am. I’ve rolled around in the mud for so long, wash me clean and I don’t recognise myself. So, how about I just accept the mud and the tendency I have to find myself rolling in it? My name is Veronica and I’m an addict. Hello Veronica."

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