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Selidor is getting a little crowded

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I’m starting to see a bunch of SDCC posts trickling in, and unlike every other person on the internet, have absolutely no desire to be there.

I mean, I’d like to see some of the panels, but they’ll all be up on Youtube soon enough, and the idea of the crowds, the queues and the heat makes me feel a little queasy.

Filed under life i really hate crowds this isn't just me protesting too much cons don't appeal to me at all that reminds me i should see what's on youtube the via dolorosa

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A plea to everyone everywhere:


I have just spent the past six hours moving hundreds of books from one shelf to another in this academic’s office because he didn’t leave space for new books in his alphabetised-by-author shelving system.

(Also his system is a bit chaotic because sometimes he files biographies, scholarship and criticism with the relevant author - e.g. books about Orwell with books BY Orwell - and sometimes he doesn’t and they’re filed under their individual authors instead. SUPER CONFUSING.)

My librarian brain aches.

Filed under life I AM A LIBRARIAN! next time i have to tackle his billion old copies of the tls lrb new statesman etc then i have to create a full bibliography of the whole collection and then it's all getting packed up and taken somewhere else

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The woman I was dealing with at the university’s Student Registry, and the admin assistant to my college’s Praelector are GENUINE HEROES and I think I should send them flowers and bottles of sparkling wine.

(Basically they rushed through some admin stuff that meant I could graduate next week even though it was later than usual to be allowing that sort of thing.)

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