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My brain for the past two days

'GARROW! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥'

~insert sparkly anime eyes here~

Filed under this has become a garrow's law fanblog apparently life ronni's fictional boyfriends i have such a weakness for witty people who fight injustice with words and anger i need a tag for this show the via dolorosa god the amount of searching i had to do to find out how to get those damn little hearts when all i really wanted was to type a pointed bracket and the number three multiple times which conveys the correct emotion much better fuck tumblr and its weird character restrictions

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Clearly I should not be watching Garrow’s Law just before bed. I dreamt last night that I had to have a public debate with an extremely senior German lawyer-turned-academic. My partner spent all night helping me prepare an argument, only for me to leave it behind and have to embark on an arduous journey that somehow took me from a German university through Palm Beach and to my grandparents’ old house in Wahroonga. (For anyone not familiar with Sydney, getting from Palm Beach to Wahroonga is bad enough in a car, but in public transport - as in my dream - it’s nearly impossible.)

Anyway, after trials and tribulations that involved being hurled up into the branches of a giant she-oak tree, wading through a street that had been flooded by the sea, and losing all my belongings on a deserted train platform, I made it back to my debate with the academic. I have no idea how it went, only that my mother (who was inexplicably in the audience) fell into raptures at the end at how well the academic could speak Latin.

So yeah.

Filed under life on the dreamtrails in my dreams my mother always undermines my sense of achievement and the philologist always yells at me not sure what that means seriously my worst nightmare has always been to have to be a politician or lawyer and thus have to debate things on the spot in public possibly without truly believing in them the via dolorosa

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My passport and documents just came back in the mail, and my new visa will arrive within a week!


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I’m starting to see a bunch of SDCC posts trickling in, and unlike every other person on the internet, have absolutely no desire to be there.

I mean, I’d like to see some of the panels, but they’ll all be up on Youtube soon enough, and the idea of the crowds, the queues and the heat makes me feel a little queasy.

Filed under life i really hate crowds this isn't just me protesting too much cons don't appeal to me at all that reminds me i should see what's on youtube the via dolorosa

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A plea to everyone everywhere:


I have just spent the past six hours moving hundreds of books from one shelf to another in this academic’s office because he didn’t leave space for new books in his alphabetised-by-author shelving system.

(Also his system is a bit chaotic because sometimes he files biographies, scholarship and criticism with the relevant author - e.g. books about Orwell with books BY Orwell - and sometimes he doesn’t and they’re filed under their individual authors instead. SUPER CONFUSING.)

My librarian brain aches.

Filed under life I AM A LIBRARIAN! next time i have to tackle his billion old copies of the tls lrb new statesman etc then i have to create a full bibliography of the whole collection and then it's all getting packed up and taken somewhere else