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All right, internet, as you might have noticed, I’m in a terrible headspace right now. Recent events have really tipped me right over the edge, and I’ve just spent the past two hours crying over Skype and at my partner.

Tumblr always exacerbates things for me, and I try to keep an eye on whether I can handle it or not. This is one of those times when I think I need to walk away for a while. I’m really not coping. So no Tumblr, no Twitter.

I’ll keep blogging elsewhere, since my blogging corners of the internet aren’t the problem. Nor are places where the majority of people with whom I interact are ‘real-life’ friends.

So basically, see you all when I’m better. It might be weeks, it could be months. You’re all wonderful.

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Anyway, I think I’m going to have to take a bit of an internet break for a long time because the degree to which this situation has affected me is unhealthy. I’m so unbelievably upset about it, and I’ve thought of nothing else since last Friday. It’s clear that nobody involved (save a handful of authors and bloggers) is going to say what I want to hear.

What I need to do is walk away for a while.

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I don’t want to be all ‘the lurkers support me in emails!’ but i have had some very encouraging private correspondence today that makes me more resolute to press on in shedding light on some corners the science fiction and fantasy community that are desperately in need of it.

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I was alone all day, and the library was such a zoo that I couldn’t leave for a lunch break, or even eat my lunch at the desk undisturbed. I was constantly having to get up and help with printer crises, find copies of books that every first-year student seemed to need for the same essay, fetch dissertations from the locked store and help elderly visiting scholars use the photocopier.

To make matters worse, one of my colleagues, in her infinite wisdom, had told all the students to whom she gave induction tours that they would all automatically have £5 credit added to their accounts, even though this has never been the case (and she’s been in the library for a decade and should know better).

I almost wept tears of frustration.

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Oh wow, someone else has nominated my tiny, fandom-of-one for Yuletide. However, they’ve nominated almost entirely different characters to those I nominated, which means they probably like a completely different aspect of the series.

This could be excellent, or it could go horribly wrong.

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By far my favourite part of my twelve-hour work day today was giving tours of the University Library and Parker Library (the collection of manuscripts and early printed books at Corpus Christi College) to the new undergrads of my former department.

No one gets excited about manuscripts like ASNCs.

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