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Now that my PhD is finished and I’m down to working only three days a week (for now), I’ve decided I should make an effort to do all the things I was putting off because I thought I was too busy. My current projects:

1. Start cooking lots of rich, hearty winter food (it’s just started getting cold again, and I AM SO EXCITED to try new recipes over the course of the next six months);

2. Pickle some vegetables (and possibly infuse spirits with fruit, although I’d need to investigate how to do that);

3. Clear up our disaster of a garden and figure out if there are any herbs that I can grow;

4. Start doing things to declutter our house (it’s only cluttered by my standards, but it’s been bothering me for YEARS), and also decorate it to make it seem a more inviting space.

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Awww, Seven Lions and Kerli have just released the video for their song ‘Worlds Apart’ and it is so gloriously, earnestly overwrought. (Don’t believe me? Here’s the clip.) Seriously, it has Seven Lions writing a fairytale with a nibbed pen on handmade paper by candlelight, a fey little girl wandering around in a forest, some kind of knight in shining armour who appears to live on the moon, and Kerli as a mermaid.

I have watched it five times.

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So, this is an actual thing that my (male) partner’s (female) colleague said to him:

'You shouldn't be working in libraries because the pay's too low for a man. It's all right for a woman, because she can spend the rest of her time looking after the house and children, but this work is beneath you.'

I paraphrase somewhat, but that’s essentially what she said. It’s really very sad. She has a PhD in the subject that their library covers, so what a low opinion she must have of herself and her abilities.

Apart from anything else, what a miserable attitude to have - the pay is acceptable for women, but not for men. A more productive attitude would be that work traditionally done by women is always undervalued and underpaid - mainly due to attitudes like hers - and perhaps pay should be increased to reflect the value of the work.

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